Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freshwater Fun...!

Most recent thing we ate:
Eric: 0.9 peso bread from Mega with butter
Rachael: 0.9 peso bread from Mega with cream cheese

We're listening to:
8.122.00 HAM net weather. We're hoping for a weater window to head north.

What are we planning on doing today:
Getting our propane tanks filled. Apparently the marina will do it in La Cruz.

What's the first thing you'll eat when you get to an "American" grocery store:
Eric: Nothing really. But I do miss pesto sauce... and I wouldn't mind salami.
Rachael: Salami. And raspberries. And cheese.

What are you most looking forward to once we get to HMB?
Eric: Will not comment.
Rachael: Running along the boardwalk at HMB... a pretty jog!

What are you least looking forward to:
Eric: No comment. He doesn't play this game very well.
Rachael: Smog, traffic, people, rat racee... ugh.

Ask most people who grew up in inland USA or Canada and they'll tell you that there's nothing like the smell of a freshwater river or lake. Nothing like swimming in salt-free water and nothing like the thought of not getting eaten by salt-water man-eaters... well, maybe that's only me... but...

We left Punta Mita in the morning and headed south across Banderas Bay. The wind was just right to fly a spinnaker and before long, Nanu was being pulled along by our conventional spinnaker. Nanu sailed along never letting us go slower than 4 knots.

Quimixto was rolly. Nanu lolled from one side to another as wind swell hit her beam and sent her tipping to the other side. We put out a stern anchor (to point her into the waves) and then put the flopper stopper out and (most) of the rolling abated.

We rowed to shore early the next morning and followed the muchly eroded donkey trails up the slopes behind Quimixto.

We spent the entire day wading through crystal clear river water, dodging under trees, sliding between boulders, climbing up cactus-infested hills and swimming in all kinds of sand-bottom swimming holes.

The river was often lined by granite-sided "canyons," which were awfully fun to wander around in.

Every bend in the river turned up a beautiful new vista that made us want to go "just around one more" bend...

Soon enough, the sun was beginning to set and we were well aware that with abundant freshwater, the mosquitos and no-seeum's would be out in full force and we turned around and headed back down along the river bed.

We picked up anchor the same day and sailed the thirteen miles to La Cruz with the intention of staying for the least amount of time possible. The next morning we motored to the fuel dock, got 30 litres of diesel and filled our water tanks and rinsed Nanu's topside with freshwater and motored to Punta Mita...

We spent a few more days in Punta Mita. Surf reports showed swell coming in at 13 feet and we anxiously awaited it's arrival... but it didn't really come the way we thought.

After a few days of not so great surf, we sat down and decided that it was time to start talking really seriously about heading north. Both of us admitted that we "were ready," to leave the sunny shores of Mexico and begin the ominous journey back to the "normal" life.

We're now in La Cruz. We went to Mega yesterday and filled our shopping cart with provisions that we will be needing for the trip north. Hot chocolate, Earl Grey Tea, zucchinnis and tomatoes. Even gouda cheese! ...Amongst other things...

Today, as said before, we're going to fill our propane tanks...

Tomorrow we're going into town and playing some guitar with an old friend from town. He was excited to hear that I played and sang and was interested in trying out some duets... so we shall see how that goes!

Aside from propane, we're going to need tons of fuel to motor us the 900 miles from here to San Diego. We priced out two 150 litre paint jugs that are heavy duty that we're going to go and pick up. They'll be holding diesel in them from Cabo up to San Diego.

And then- we have to wait for a weather window. Right now a gale is blowing off of the Baja that would make it unwise for us to try even crossing the Sea of Cortez until it subsides.It sounds like the wind may die down by Saturday, but things may change in five days... we shall see!!

Anyhow, we'll keep you updated... either from La Cruz or Punta Mita...Cheers!


shawn and chris said...

Sounds like you've been having fun! Chris and Tao are waiting out this north blow in Topolobampo. Best of luck for your journey up! As you're headed up the Outside, I'll be headed down the inside. Hope to catch Chris in San Carlos early June.

Thanks for the update, sorry about the elusive surf- just part of the sport. Get your thick wetsuits out in preparation for the norCal surf! Keep on keeping us updated.


Julia said...

Hey guys,
Have a great trip North, and we look forward to catching up in HMB in the fall!!!
-julia and jacob
SV Pisces

PS We found pesto in the pasta/sauce section at walmart-it's the stuff in a glass jar, so not as great as the fresh, but better than nothing when you have the craving for pesto!!!