Monday, January 25, 2010

Still Grinning...

For those of you who have been honed in on the VHF and SSB for news on our current situation, we're happy to announce that everything is fine.

Three days ago Eric was admitted to the Echauri Medical clinic in Manzanillo with severe abdominal pain and after a series of tests, x-rays and abdominal scans, it was found that since his last accident, scar tissue had completely closed off his intestines leading to a severe medical condition called an ileus.

After several specialists assesed his condition, they agreed that an emergency surgical procedure called a lysis had to be performed to cut out the scar tissue to allow his intestines to work again.

Although it was a sleepless, coffee-drinking, stressful day, he emerged out of surgery fine. Less than an hour later he was chatting with me and although severe pain still ecisted, the doctors were happy with the outcome.

Today, three days later, we're sitting together in his hospital room. He has had his first real food consisting of lemon jell-o and hot tea and iced tea and his stomach is managing it well.

Doctors are optimistic that we may be free to go back to Nanu, anchored in Las Hadas, by tomorrow.

Because of post surgical health risks and the idea of being somewhere (further south) that may not have as good health care as we've recieved here, our plans are on a daily basis... which, makes it much, much more interesting.

We will have to stay in Manzanillo for much longer than planned to allow Eric time to recuperate and ensure that he is 100% before we move again. Although the southern hemsiphere looks enticing, his health is our major concern.

We have no idea where we're gpoing from here.

The important thing is, that we're both together, Eric is healing fine and nanu is anxiously awaiting our arrival after our four night stay in the hospital.

We'll have some wicked pictures of some serious resting and recuperating at Las Hadas hotel, and the streets around Manzanillo.

We hope everyone is in fine health and good spirits.
More from us later!

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shawn and chris said...

wow, i'm so happy to hear that you are both still grinning- such good attitudes will serve you well. although your sail might now be different than originally planned, other wonderful things will happen instead. take care of each other!
shawn of s/v Tao